Exterior Services

Exterior Services

Hardscaping and Landscaping

The 2 River Group is pleased to offer our customers custom hardscaping and landscaping design & construction services. You can add tremendous appeal and value to your outdoor living space with hardscaping. Our many new hardscape design ideas can help inspire you to create the space you’ve always dreamed of in no time at all.

All the paved walkways, driveways, sidewalks, walls, patios, fences, lawn ornaments and rocks constitute your lawn’s hardscape. Hardscaping represents the foundation and anchor of landscaping plans. You should plan your hardscaping carefully and implement it before starting to softscape.

Hardscaping incorporates several design elements to enhance the appearance of your yard. It provides a fluid continuity from your home’s interior to the yard and from your yard to the surrounding landscape. The solidity and permanence of hardscape also offers an aesthetic contrast to the vulnerable and transient vegetation. 

Hardscaping is a fantastic option to correct unusable space due to grading issues. Hardscapes like walkways, steps, patios and retaining walls can transform your outdoor environment and complement your home.

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Grading Issues

Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Foundation crack repair is a must if you value the durability of your home. The appearance of cracks in your foundation is the #1 indicator that your foundation is becoming compromised. If left alone, you could experience leveling problems or worse. Maintaining your home’s foundation is vital. In the event of a flood, having your home’s foundation intact could leave your home completely unaffected. But more than that, a strong foundation is a must if your home is to survive the impact of an earthquake.

Normal settlement cracks are common, but should be fixed to prevent further cracks and water in the home. These crack issues should be monitored to ensure they do not return, and to ensure that movement and settlement issues have been properly addressed. Settling and shifting of foundations is often caused by building a structure on soil that is expanding or contracting due to freezing cycles or poor drainage, non- compacted fill soils, or from poor landscaping around the home’s foundation.

Whatever the cause of this settling, it can potentially ruin your home’s value. Whatever you are experiencing with your home’s foundation, be it bowed and/or cracked foundation walls, cracks in your home’s drywall, sagging floors, or a home that’s on unstable foundation soils, we can solve your home’s foundation’s problems. Two River's experienced foundation repair crews will fix your foundation problem, permanently, the first time!

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