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Mold Inspection

Home accidents and mishaps — like burst pipes during the winter months or a slow leak under the sink — can occur unexpectedly, leaving behind a substantial mess. But an even worse eventuality for homeowners is finding a patch of mold growth after the mess has been cleaned. A certain minimum presence of mold spores is expected in indoor environments, but when these are exposed to moisture, they can colonize and form colorful splotches along flooring, walls, ceilings and other surfaces.

While mold formations are unsightly, they can also cause extensive property damage and increased health risks when humans are exposed to mold over a period of time. But by proactively hiring a Monmouth County mold testing, inspection and remediation company, you can minimize exposure and property damage.

Mold Inspection Benefits

Any amount of excess moisture in your home — like a dripping fixture, leaking roof or burst plumbing — can lead to mold growth throughout your home. After exposure to high amounts of moisture, mold can quickly colonize and spread within 48 hours. The best method for locating, identifying and removing signs of mold is hiring a mold inspection company to perform mold removal and remediation. Experienced experts will ensure that the source of the mold growth is identified and quickly removed, and take the necessary steps to prevent future occurrences.

By trusting Monmouth County professional mold inspection services, you're assured:

  • A Healthy Environment: When exposed to mold, humans can experience a range of serious health concerns, from cold-like symptoms including ear, nose and throat irritation, to coughing, nausea, skin problems and persistent headaches.
  • Reduced Mold Spread: A professional mold testing and inspection company will locate the source of your moisture problem and recommend fixes to prevent future mold occurrences. An expert will also have access to specialized industry tools that will properly clean the affected area as well as the air to prevent mold from spreading to other areas of your house.
  • Increased Home Value: If you're planning on selling your home in the near future, it's important to have any mold growth completely removed. Without proper removal, these growths can turn up on an inspection report, reducing the overall value of your house. If you suspect your home may have growths, have it inspected by a professional prior to selling to reduce property damage and ensure you maintain the value and condition of your home.

Ways You Can Get Rid of Mold

If you have mold growth covering less than 10 square feet of space, then you can perform quick cleaning tasks to remove and treat the affected surfaces. Begin by repairing the source of the excess moisture, like leaking or broken plumbing and fixtures, and dry the area completely. With detergent and water, scrub the mold off of hard surfaces and toss out any soft, porous materials, like carpeting, tile and cloth, that may have been affected. Mold spores can penetrate empty spaces in these items, making complete cleaning nearly impossible.

If you're unsure how to properly clean and treat mold growths, or want added peace of mind that future mold colonies won't form in the future, then reach out to your local Monmouth County mold inspection and remediation experts.

How to Hire a Reputable Mold Inspection, Removal and Remediation Company in Monmouth County

When you have mold formations throughout your home, you want to hire a reputable and knowledgeable Monmouth County mold inspection and removal company to ensure your mold growth is properly identified and thoroughly removed for long-term comfort and safety in your home. Before hiring a mold testing and removal company, make sure they have the proper experience, tools and qualifications:

  • Check that your mold testing company is fully certified, licensed and insured.
  • Ask that your mold removal experts provide examples of previous remediation experience with references.
  • Carefully look over all inspection report documentation and make sure that it includes all lab results along with onsite inspection findings with detailed action items for resolving the mold problem.

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Certified Mold Testers

In 2009 the World Health Organization issued evidence linking indoor exposure to mold with upper respiratory tract symptoms, cough, & weeze and in respiratory illness in otherwise healthy adults & children; and to potential development of asthma in susceptible individuals.if mold is visible, it is absoultely imperative to have air samples taken in order to identify the potential 150,000 types of mold.

There is always some mold everywhere – in the air and on many surfaces. Molds have been on the earth for millions of years. Exposure to damp & moldy environments may cause a variety of health effects, or none at all. Some people are sensitive to molds & some have mold allergies.

Air samples are used in order to gather data about mold spores present in the interior of a home. These samples should always be taken by a Certified Mold Inspector. The samples are then sent to a reputable labratory where they are analyzed. Having samples analyzed can also help provide evidence of the scope and severity of a mold problem, as well as aid in assessing human exposure to mold spores. After remediation, new samples are typically taken to ensure that all mold has been successfully removed.

“After the hurricane, 2 River Group stepped in and evaluated the mold damage and prevented further damage, then formulated a plan to remedy the problem. I received an excellent quality of work at a fair price. They also helped several of my neighbors, who were also very happy with their service.”

~ Chris, Oceanport

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