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2 River Group is your trusted, local NJ resource with more than two decades of experience in the industry of residential and commercial contracted Water and Mold Remediation services.

Years before Superstorm Sandy devastated our coast, we have been the Two Rivers Area leading Mold Remediation & Water Mitigation company, known for providing top-notch service in those facets, as well as in our Restoration & General Repair departments.

Our experienced team leaders and crew members are trained in every facet of general repair, waterproofing, water mitigation, mold testing, mold remediation, mold abatement, mold removal and beyond!  No matter what the job, you can trust our professional team to work quickly, efficiently, and for an honest price.

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No matter what the job, you can trust our professional team
to work quickly, efficiently, and for an honest price!

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“After the hurricane, TRR stepped in and evaluated the mold damage and prevented further damage, then formulated a plan to remedy the problem. I received an excellent quality of work at a fair price. They also helped several of my neighbors, who were also very happy with their service.”

~ Chris, Oceanport

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