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    Wet Basements & Crawlspaces

    Wet Basements & Crawlspaces

    Melting Snow = Very Wet Basements/Crawlspaces

    It’s just March, but this tough Winter is fighting to stay! We have received so many emergency calls due to the heavy snow and rains of 2014 wreaking havoc on crawlspaces and basements throughout the Shore. As we have just been hit with another round of blanketing snow, please read the following info on how the heavy snow can result in a wet basement.

    Remember, the reality is that basements and crawlspaces are built beneath ground level. This means that they regularly allow groundwater in unless correctly designed and maintained. Unfortunately, when water or dampness penetrates your basement or crawlspace, mildew and mold follow right after. When this happens over a period of time, you’ll find that the foundation of your home can start to deteriorate, as basements and crawlspaces are not designed in a way that allows them to be permanently damp.

    How does this happen?

    After a heavy snow comes water. This is just one of the many certainties we all face. Proper runoff and drainage can help direct water away from your foundation, but water can still sneak by.A sump pump can help pump water away from your home. If your drainage or sump pump aren’t in proper working order, then melting snow could turn from flake to pond in your basement.

    A wet basement is more than a nuisance. If your basement includes finished living space, any kind of moisture can ruin carpeting, drywall, and framing not to mention damaging your belongings. Even if you have a crawl space or just use your basement for storage, a simple case of condensation can buckle hardwood flooring on the level above and spawn harmful mold. Of course this is even more serious when it happens in the middle of trying to market your home in the process, as has happened to many of our clients of late.

    If you have a soggy basement,
    you’re not alone.

    The American Society of Home Inspectors, based in Des Plaines, IL, estimates 60 percent of U.S. homes have basements that get water at one point or another.

    Depending on how much water invades the space, it could signal serious damage to the structure of your home. In fact, just an inch of water creeping across the floor can cost you from several hundred dollars and exceed more than $10,000, see www.floodsmart.gov. Wetness in the basement or crawlspace is caused by excess water pressure (usually from heavy rain or melting snow) that is pushed though existing cracks in your home’s foundation. As you can imagine, this can cause major structural damage to the foundation of your home and also contribute to moisture related problems, like mold, rot, and decay.

    There are a variety of ways that moisture can penetrate through basement walls and floors. Some examples are:

    • Inadequate waterproofing of exterior walls during construction
    • Cracks caused by expansion and contraction due to outside temperature changes
    • Openings created to allow access for water pipes and cable
    A general rule to keep in mind is that water penetration can be managed from the inside of the basement when the leak is minor or there is no access to the foundation from the outside. If the water penetration is extensive, an exterior method is usually more appropriate.

    When determining the correct waterproofing solution, you need to consider the extent of the water penetration and what you plan to use your basement for. Wet basements or crawlspaces rarely fix themselves, and can lead to expensive foundation repairs if left untreated.

    Call us today at 732.383.7871 for a free, comprehensive inspection and estimate. We offer a variety of different basement waterproofing and wet basement/crawlspace solutions depending on your specific issue.

    The Two River team is trained in using a multitude of moisture and water detection tools to determine the source of your issue. In other words, we don’t just tell you that you have a water problem – our proven inspection methods provide an accurate assessment, which ensures that you are not overlooking any problems in your home.

    We also offer 24 hour emergency service in both Monmouth & Ocean Counties for flooded basement/crawlspace and foundation problems, as well as bursting pipes with the frigid cold temperatures as of late.

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